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Makes Good Food Taste Even Better

The Broil King Steel Keg BKK4000 Charcoal Grill for Convection-Style Cooking has been in our home for over a year now. I use it every Saturday for family dinners and every Wednesday for church activity. I just love this charcoal grill. I originally wanted to get the Big Green Egg but it was way beyond my budget. This Broil King was a blessing in disguise.

Broil King Steel Keg BKK4000 Charcoal Grill for Convection Style Cooking Broil King Steel Keg Grill Review

Broil King BKK4000

Why I Chose the Broil King Grill

  • HEATS UP FAST: I usually use this Broil King keg for high temperature recipes. Getting the griller heat up to 700 degrees or more only takes about 15 minutes. It is ready to cook within 20 minutes or so. That is pretty fast compared to a regular oven that takes almost an hour to heat up. One good factor about this griller is that it is safe to handle outside. The temperature may be 700 degrees inside but I can still touch the outside surface without getting burn.
  • BUILT TO LAST: The big steel keg still looks good as new after a year of regular use. I even hook this thing on our trailer every now and then when taking it out for camping trips. I haven’t observed a single wear on the grill. The cast iron grate still looks good. The firebox remained unaltered and I don’t find any paint peeling off. I use lard to prevent the occurrence of rust on the vents.
  • FUEL EFFICIENT: I always use lump charcoal in most of my convection cooking with this King keg. I am truly impressed at how thrifty this griller is when it comes to fuel. I am so glad that I can still reuse those leftover charcoals from the previous cookout a few days earlier. A single bag of charcoal will definitely go a long, long way. I can confidently say that I have save money on charcoal with this wonderful Kamado griller.

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Best Features

  • This Broil keg has a chrome plated cooking grid. Its total cooking surface area is 480 square inches. It also has a secondary cooking rack with a cooking surface area of 200 square inches.
  • This charcoal grill has a ten-year warranty for its grill body. The rest of the parts have a two-year warranty.
  • The Broil King keg has heavy duty resin handles for easy handling. It also has a sturdy stand with two large wheels. It provides convenience during transport.
  • The side shelves of the Kamado griller are removable. The cooking chamber of the unit is porcelain coated for rust prevention.
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The Broil King Steel Keg BKK4000 is a wonderful Kamado grill. I have already cooked a lot of recipes on it. Everything just tastes better when cooked in this griller. Yes, it heats up really fast. However, bringing the temperature down really low is a little bit difficult, which requires a lot of practice. The Broil King Steel Keg BKK4000 Charcoal Grill for Convection-Style Cooking is the best grill that I have ever owned.

Final Verdict

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Broil King Steel Keg Charcoal Grill for Convection-Style Cooking

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