Cookshack Electric BBQ Smoker Review


Great Quality in Every Inch for the Price

The Cookshack Electric Smoker is one of the electric smokers especially designed for hardcore smokers – or at least for people who love to smoke loads of meat at one time. I may not be exactly a hardcore guy who has smoked all types of food but I do smoke a large amount of meat when I have people come over. My guests just like the smoker recipes I prepare; they say that I cook them like the way restaurants do!

Why the Smokette is the Right Choice for Me

Cookshack Smokette Elite Electric Bbq Smoker Cookshack Electric BBQ Smoker Review

Cookshack Bbq Smoker

The first time I saw this Cookshack posted on the Internet, I thought it was a good choice and then I saw the price. The price of this electric smoker made me think twice about buying it. I read a lot of electric smoker reviews and compared different products. I considered the quality of the different products plus the value that I will get from them. I figured I will be getting more out of the Cookshack Smokette Elite Electric Bbq Smoker than other brands I have seen.

Here are some of its premium qualities that ultimately convinced me:

  • QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Many different meat smokers out there are also made out of stainless steel. I can say that they are pretty good but nothing compares to the quality construction of this stainless steel housed smoker. It’s tough, sturdy, and it can definitely take hits without complaining. (I know, I banged it pretty good several times now and it’s still smoking like nothing happened).
  • DEFINITELY NOT CHEAP: By that I mean, this product is definitely well-made. I can tell that a lot of thought and careful planning has been put into the design and construction of this Cookshack electric smoker.
  • LOAD AND FORGET SIMPLICITY: In my opinion, this is one of those smokers that you don’t have to check every now and then. You can try all electric smoker recipes and you end up cooking it one way – put all the stuff you need into the cavity of the unit, time it, and start smoking. The next time you’ll open the door is when your food is done.

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 Key Features

  • This Cookshack is really easy to assemble
  • This unit comes with fully digital controls
  • The wheels underneath the unit makes it very easy to move around from one place to another
  • Comes with a meat probe
  • Thermometer is provided with the unit
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The only downside that I can mention about this Smokette is its cooking capacity. I mean 25 pounds is great but there are times when I just need a little bit more. And I guess that’s where the crunch comes in. My brother in law suggested that I buy a rib rack so that I can add a layer for ribs and the other two shelves for the other pieces of meat. Other than that, I think the Cookshack Smokette Elite Electric Bbq Smoker is worth every dollar I spent on it.

Cookshack Smoker – Final Verdict


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Cookshack Smoker

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