Bradley Countertop Smoker Review

Bradley’s Initial Indoor Smoking Offer

First Impressions

The Bradley smoker countertop model BS712120V looks like a really huge oven toaster when people see it for the first time. It’s not every day that you can find a smoker that goes on top of your counter. Smokers usually go to the patio or out in the lawn or backyard. This one is definitely designed for tight spaces.

Price Point

Bradley Smoker Countertop Smoker, Black

Bradley Countertop Smoker, Black

This Bradley electric smoker is slightly more expensive than other competing products. That might be a turn off for some customers. It actually costs about a third of the price of a full sized Bradley smoker. Considering cooking capacity and cost, you can say that it is a fair trade off. Another point that customers also have to consider is the convenient features that come with this smoker.

Who is It Suited For?

This electric smoker is best suited for people who live in small apartments. It will also work great for that RV or motorhome. This unit doesn’t need a lot of space and it can be easily installed without much fuss. For some customers, this may be the countertop appliance that completes their setup.

Product Highlights

  • DESIGNED FOR INDOOR SMOKING: Bradley digital smoker model number BS712120V was designed for indoor use. The manufacturers trimmed it down to size to fit any countertop. If you live in a small apartment and want to do some meat smoking then this unit will be a practical option. It comes with a hose that serves as its exhaust, so the smoke bellows outside instead of everywhere in the house after the food gets smoked.
  • DIGITAL CONTROLS: This is one of the things that customers like about this smoker grill. The digital controls make smoking a lot more convenient. And since this is an electric, you just need to set the timer, temperature, and the rest of the settings and you forget about it. You can do the other stuff you need to prepare for that scrumptious meal you were planning.
  • SMOKE FOOD TO IMPRESS: This smoker only has enough room in its smoking chamber for about 2 people. Remember that it is an indoor smoker and it’s also portable too. It’s not supposed to be really huge. However, if you’re planning on impressing a special someone with your cooking abilities then that is enough cooking space to serve your purposes.

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  • Unit dimensions are as follows: 11.8″ x 17.7″ x 12.6″. Unit weight is 18 pounds. Comes with a standard warranty from manufacturers but some resellers may offer extended warranties.
  • Unique design allows up to six straight hours of smoking meat and other food.
  • Package includes smoker BBQ unit, cookbook, and a pair of removable steel racks.
  • Also features digital controls and convection fans.
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Is this grill smoker the best in the market? Some customers will beg to disagree. The Bradley BS712120V Countertop Smoker is one of the first portable indoor smokers that Bradley has come up with. Admittedly, it has a few bugs like the smoke not going into the smoking chamber or some temperature control issues. Some customers had these problems and returned their units while others never experienced these issues; which appear like they are quality control issues at the factory.

Final Verdict

Bradley Smoker Countertop Smoker

Bradley Smoker BS712120V Countertop Smoker

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Bradley Smoker BS712120V Countertop Smoker, Black

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Bradley Smokers Food Smoker Reviews Under $200
Bradley Smoker BS712120V Countertop Smoker, Black
We’ve taken the technology from our world renowned Bradley Smokers and created a compact counter-top unit for those who are looking for a smaller, more portable unit. Same great taste, but takes up less space.

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