Bradley Propane Smoker 4-Rack Review

Great Option for First Timers

Bradley Smoker

Bradley 4-Rack Smoker

In my opinion, the Bradley 4-Rack Smoker is a pretty good propane grill smoker if you’re going in small groups. I think a pair of folks or a pack of four peeps max would be its maximum serving capacity. Its portability and easy assembly make it ideal for any camping trip you might have in mind.

I can also recommend this gas smoker for people who are new to smoking their own meat. You can try smoking different types of meat and see if you have a knack for it. In case you don’t then you didn’t spend that much to try it, but at least you gave it a try.

Now, of course, portability isn’t the only issue that needs to be covered especially when you’re in the great outdoors.

Great qualities of this Bradley Smoker

  • EASY ON THE BUDGET: If you’re the type who doesn’t want to spend extra on these kinds of roasting and smoking equipment then you’re in luck. This Bradley is just for you – it only costs a fraction of the price of other competing brands. You get pretty much the basic stuff though, no fancy stuff. Oh yeah, it also comes with its own propane tank (you have to buy the tank separately with other brands).
  • EASY TO USE: Life is already so complicated so why complicate a pleasurable meal by using a high tech funky piece of cooking equipment? This propane gas smoker is hassle free from the time you set it up to the time you get smoking.
  • BRINGS IN THE INTIMATE SIDE: Since camping trips can become quite a romantic encounter, why not bring out your inner gourmet skills? Don’t worry; this Bradley propane smoker will do just about everything. All you need to do is to place the meat in one of the four racks (with all the necessary rubbing done of course), put all the necessary ingredients, feed the chips, close the door, and let her rip. Remember, this smoker practically serves meals for couples only.

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Key Features

  • This Bradley smoker can reach temperatures as high as 300 degrees Fahrenheit
  • This propane smoker is great for roasting, cold smoking, and hot smoking
  • Separate starter and adjustment controls for the oven and smoking unit
  • Very portable unit; serves only two to four people
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Take note that the bottom of this thing can get really hot. That is why I recommend placing this smoker on a concrete surface or right on the ground without any combustible material to get in contact with it. Another downside that I also must warn you about is about clean up. Clean up is always an issue with propane smokers so this is not a unique issue. In case I bring this unit for a trip I just pack it up and clean it at home. Other than these minor issues, I can recommend the Bradley 4-Rack Propane Smoker as a great unit for first timers to smoking meats.

Bradley 4-Rack – Final Verdict

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Bradley 4-Rack Propane Smoker (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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Bradley 4-Rack Propane Smoker (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Bradley Propane Smoker will hot smoke, cold smoke and roast to perfection. Operates on 1 lbs. propane tank and 4 AA batteries. Allows you to set the amount of smoke, cooking temperture. All the great featuress of a full size Bradley Smoker but completely mobile. Take RVing boating, camping or on a picnic.
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