Landmann Gas Smoker Review

Landmann 38″ Two Drawer Vertical Gas Smoker: Built to Last, Great Design

Landmann 38" Two Drawer Vertical Gas Smoker

Landmann 38″ Vertical Gas Smoker

Maintaining the heat is the big secret in smoking, which is practically the thematic design of the 38″ Two Drawer Vertical Gas Smoker by Landmann. Not only did the manufacturer build this propane gas smoker to last for quite a while, they have designed everything so that the main door of this unit stays shut while the mean gets cooked and smoked.

There are other features that I appreciate about this Landmann vertical gas smoker. Here are some of the main things that I really appreciate about it:

  • Built to Last: I can say that after a full year of regular use (and I would like to add that there was some abuse every once in a while) that this smoker propane grill has not given up on me yet. It still makes pretty good smoked ham like the first time I used it.
  • Large Cooking Chamber: I also appreciate the 21 inch wide cooking chamber of this Landmann smoker. That’s more than enough a cooking surface for me to smoke just about all the different types of smoker recipes that I can think of.
  • 10 Year Warranty: This warranty is one of the things that convinced me to purchase this propane smoker. Well, you have to understand that from a consumer’s point of view. I’m dishing out hundreds of dollars on this thing and all I want at least is an assurance that I’m getting something of quality.
  • First Rate Temperature Control Design: This is the feature that I like the most about this Landmann Two Drawer Vertical Gas Smoker. I place the meat in the main chamber all prepped up for the cooking, close the door, and I only get to open it when I’m bringing the meat out smoked and cooked to perfection. The main door stays closed even if you have to add more wood chips. Add to that the easy to use temperature controls – that’s top notch design.
Landmann Vertical Gas Smoker

Landmann Gas Smoker

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Key Features

  • Features a wide cooking chamber that has 1,008 square inches of cooking space (the cooking chamber is 21 inches in width).
  • The burner is built to last; it is constructed out of cut brass
  • Heat control is outstanding; the unit also has a temperature gauge mounted at the front door making it impossible to miss
  • Both the water pan and the unit’s wood chip box are in a separate chamber; the main chamber where the meat is remains closed even while you change wood chips or replace the pan
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I actually don’t have any issues with this gas smoker. But I was really disappointed at the delay when they delivered my unit. I got the package a few days after the estimated delivery date. Well, that’s the only issue that I have and it’s not even about the quality of this gas smoker. I still think this Landmann 38″ Two Drawer Vertical Gas Smoker is a great product.

Landmann 38″ Smoker – Final Verdict

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Wide 2-drawer 38 inch Vertical Gas Smoker from Landmann

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Food Smoker Reviews Landmann Over $400 Propane Smokers
Wide 2-drawer 38 inch Vertical Gas Smoker from Landmann
Wide 2-drawer 38″ Gas Smoker from Landmann. Genuine, smoky flavor! Beef, pork, seafood, poultry… this propane gas-powered, 2-drawer, 38″ Smoker is the way to the real deal. The real smoky, flavorful, mouthwatering deal. Designed for total cooking control with multiple vents, adjustable damper and temperature gauge. Plus,you can access wood chip and water drawers without losing heat from the cooking chamber. Invite the whole family, tell your friends, alert the neighbors… there’s gonna be some gooood eatin’ at your place! Now you’re cookin': Easy access drawers for water pan and wood chip replenishment; Heavy duty steel construction; Welded cooking chamber; Square leg construction; Total Smoker area: 1,540 sq in.; Fully adjustable heat control; Cast brass burner for longer life; Adjustable top chimney vent; 2 side vents for heat control; Rotary ignitor; Magnetic door closure; Meat hanger; Durable plastic drawer handles; Large side handles for easy moving; Porcelain-coated enamel water pan; Large capacity steel wood chip box with lid; CSA Certified; Overall dimensions: 4′ x 26″ x 21″; Cabinet dimensions: 38″ x 24″ x 16″; Weight: 103 lbs. Order yours today! Wide 2-drawer 38″ Vertical Gas Smoker from Landmann

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